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Here is  some videos from different kind of music genres I have been working over the years...


YLVA is four musicians three nations with musical backgrounds completely different from each other: Stefan Kvarnström, Antero Priha, Asko Keränen and Niillas Holmberg. Ylva looks to bring something completely new and unique to the fields of electronic and indigenous music.


​​Heti Piruntanssin alkutahdeista uusi Sound & Fury –levy Thundering of Dawn kuulostaa hivelevällä tavalla tutulta – torvet huutavat kuin villieläimet sähkökitaroiden mourutessa vieressä, alkuvoimainen rytmi vie mukanaan… 


Afrocola Brass Band plays finnish, african and balkan tunes with african rhythms. Afrocola was formed in Helsinki 2011. Reception from the first gig was so positive that we decided to go on forever. 


 foto by Pekka Elomaa

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