WE ARE FREE,take us 

ORGAN FREE is three experimental musicians improvising from the scratch.

Avantgarde and modern contemporary music with warm playful attitude.

Connection, joy, space and freedom of music. Organ Free debut album is released in 2019 by Mental beauty records. 

Organ player Kalle Salonen is a absolute musical talent with a totally open mind. He is playing and composing jazz, blues, gospel and free music. He´s playing in Churchs with big organs and Funky jazz with he´own band. Now This!

Antero Priha is a trumpet soloist, composing in moment here and now. He is long time all-round trumpeter and composer with a free experimental mind.

Hannu Pikkarainen is a music producer, guitarist and drummer who has worked with about everybody involved with rhythm music in Finland. With Organ free Hannu is a drummer, recording engineer and producer.

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