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Bad Ass Brass Band

BABB is a 10 member brass band, which has been playing the last years "apart from casual gigs and festivals"  in opening parties and on the streets in demonstrations and happenings. Aside from BABB, the band members have been a vital part of the Finnish rock and jazz scene over the years.
The band is best experienced live in its full testosteronic haze. Every show is a mixed artistic performance where the music varies from New Orleans marching tradition to—  Balkan brass music and big band punk.

Bad Ass Brass Band:

Antero Priha (trumpetti)
Eero Savela (trumpetti)
Hepa Halme (sopraanosaksofoni)
Antti Hermaja (pasuuna)
Ville Niemelä (marssipasuuna)
Samppa Leino (eufonium)
Erno Haukkala (sousafoni)
Janne Masalin (harmonikka, laulu)
Petri Kautto (banjo)
Ari Poutiainen (viulu)
Sande Vettenranta (rummut)
Marko Roininen (bassorumpu)
Jarno T. Karjalainen (kapellimestari, laulu)

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